Here at The ecoBaby Company children’s nutrition and eating habits are very important to us. But we also consider what they eat on with equal importance. With BpA, Phthalate, and PVC a growing concern, it is a challenge to find durable utensils that are safe, easy to care for and aesthetically pleasing.

We searched long and hard and are proud to introduce to you, JJ RABBIT – a design-first, eco-conscious, children’s feeding brand.

Fusing innovative designs and clever functionality, JJ Rabbit’s range of products aims to make mealtime enjoyable and utterly safe.

Free from any baddies associated with traditional plastics, JJ Rabbit’s products are made from FDA approved biodegradable and compostable bio-plastic. Derived from sugars and starches found in plants such as corn and sugarcane, this bio-plastic is also completely bio-degradable and compostable. As it is made from plants, it is 100% natural and 100% safe!

How awesome is that!

One of the feeding challenges that parents face is transitioning the child from a sippy cup to a real one. And how do you do that without taking away the security and comfort of a sippy cup? JJ RABBIT CUPPIES® has a special hidden animal at the bottom of each CUPPIES®, and your little ones will finish every time just to see their favorite friend. Isn’t it brilliant!

Bring a little of magic and imaginative fun to meal times with these stackable animal plates. JJ RABBIT dipPLATES™ come in four fun animal shapes, we have the orange design shaped like a rabbit with a round body, which is the main plate and the rabbit ears are a separated section, like a mini-plate, perfect for dips, side-dishes or dessert.

These ergoFork+Spoon™ are ergonomically designed perfect for our budding little eaters. The pair is very easy for tiny hands to grip. Angle Handle = EASY for baby to hold, EASY to pick up and put down. Curved Tip = EASY self-feeding, elevated spoon tip keeps food spills off the table. Perfect! Mealtime has never been so clean and my only gripe is that i wish there was an adult-sized version of the spoon for me.

The JJ Rabbit aniBOWLS™ are fun companions to any meal – a great way to enjoy a fun meal or snack while being eco-friendly. The aniBowls are available in a set of two and feature either a cute frog or penguin face.

My son has the red&green froggie aniBowls, which match his green Frog CUPPIE. Since handing him the aniBowls i have never had to beg him to sit and eat, in fact now the only challenge is ensuring both are clean as he insists on having both his froggie friends at the table.

Made from plant materials the JJ Rabbit aniBowls are 100% biodegradable but what makes them superior to anything else on the market, is the fact that they are durable and will not deteriorate after just a few washes. They are design-focused, qualityfeeding bowls, which are dishwasher and microwave safe. So they are fun for my kid and make life easy for me.

Ideal for babies who have moved on to solid feeding. JJ Rabbit has designed the fantastic eco-conscious dryBib for little ones. Made from organic cotton, this practical bib is also waterproof (but without the plastic!) and has a convenient catch-pocket for all the bits that don’t quite go where intended.

Moms love the dryBib too, because its machine-washable as well as BPA-Free, Phthalate Free and PVC Free.