Feeling blown away by the mountain of information available on Cloth Nappies? Well then we have just the thing for you. You don’t need to become an expert, as modern cloth nappies are just as easy to use as disposables. What is however important – is to know which cloth nappy styles to buy depending on your lifestyle, preferences and budget.

Our Cloth Nappy Style Guide takes a look at 4 of the most popular cloth Nappy styles. All conveniently available right here at The ecoBaby Company.

About Fitted Nappies

As the name suggests, a fitted nappy is one where the nappy has elastic around the waist for a great fit. No folding required. They are shaped like disposable nappies and close with snaps or Velcro. These nappies are often called ‘bomb proof’ as the entire nappy is made from ultra absorbent bamboo and cotton and the elastic at the legs makes them excellent at containing messes. They require a separate, waterproof nappy cover.

For a full cloth nappy system using a Fitted nappy you will need:

  • Fitted cloth nappy (they come in a variety of sizes or a ‘one-size’ option)
  • Waterproof nappy cover
  • Optional: Extra Bamboo inserts or boosters

We love them because:

  • Double containment layer – When paired with a waterproof cover these nappies are ultra-absorbent due to their full bamboo/cotton construction
  • Often come with bamboo inserts for even more absorbency
  • You get that old school look and ultra-soft feel but without having to worry about getting the “folding” right
  • They can be used without the cover during tge days for extra breathability but you have the nappy cover as a back-up to contain leaks
  • Built-in fasteners (snaps or Velcro) make for faster, easier nappy changes
  • These nappies are great to use with fleece and wool nappy covers, which are lovely and soft, and offer superior breathability


  • A fitted nappy combined with the correct size cover could be expected to last around 4+ hours and with additional boosters / inserts should be able to easily last overnight. They often contain runny newborn waste better than other nappy styles, including disposable because it uses a separate cover which acts as a second leak guard. They are generally the most absorbent nappies for night times because of their booster layers
  • The Fitted Nappy is the absorbent part and the wrap / Cover is the waterproof part

Watch out for:

  • You will generally need to buy a variety of sizes during the time your child is in nappies, unless you choose a “one-size” option. Do be aware, however, that one-size nappies may not fit a newborn and/or older baby as well as the “sized” cloth nappies will


  • Fitted Nappy – Cotton, Bamboo or Combinations
  • Waterproof Outer / Cover – PUL (Laminated Polyester), Fleece or Wool

Ideal for:

  • When longer periods of protection are required such as night time or when travelling
  • Those who long for the retro ‘prefolds or ‘flats’ LOOK but prefer their nappies contoured and with built in closures

Mother Nature Fitted Nature Nappy – (birth to potty training)
Bam+Boo Fitted Nappy – (5kgs – 17kgs+)
Mother Nature Rainbow Covers – 0-7kgs (S), 7-11kgs (M), 11kgs+ (L)

Tip: If the waterproof outer is clean when you change the nappy you can keep re-using it over and over again by just putting on a clean fitted nappy.

About AiO Nappies

All-In-One Nappies are just that…everything you need, sewn together in one piece, to keep baby dry.. These cloth nappies are the most like disposable nappies; no pinning, no stuffing, no folding, no wrapping – just pure, ready-to-go convenience.

Like pocket nappies, AIO’s have a soft, inner wicking layer to draw wetness away from baby’s skin, a built-in waterproof cover, and snap or Velcro closures. Unlike pocket nappies, AIO’s have the absorbent part of the nappy already snapped or sewn in; no stuffing (or un-stuffing!) necessary.

For a full cloth nappy system using an All-in-One nappy you will need:

  • All-in-One nappy. That’s it!

We love them because:

  • AIO’s are so easy to use that they are great for grandparents, day-care, and babysitters
  • If it’s convenience you’re after, as well keeping your baby out of disposables, this is the way to go
  • Most brands do a Newborn All-in-One which is trimmer and has an umbilical cord snapdown. Ideal for 2-7 kgs

Watch out for:

  • AIO’s with sewn-in absorbency may require increased drying time due to their thick layers. Sleeve nappies with snap-in or stuff in inserts solves this problem as the absorbent layers are detachable and can be dried separately. The Bam+Boo All-in-Ones are quikcer drying as the two attached inserts are attached on opposing sides and can be spread open for faster drying
  • The waterproof layer of any nappy will begin to crack after too much time in a tumble-dryer so we recommend line-drying these nappies


  • Liner – Generally Bamboo or Bamboo+Microfibre combination
  • Inner Absorbent Layers – Suedecloth
  • Waterproof Outer / Cover – PUL (Laminated Polyester)

Ideal for:

Great for Dads and Daycare because they are just like using a disposable nappy. And because all parts are sewn together there is no chance of the daycare losing inserts or covers.

Bam+Boo AiO – (5kgs – 17kgs+)
Bam+Boo Newborn AiO – (2kgs – 7kgs)

About Sleeve Nappies

It’s hard to beat the revolutionary design of sleeve nappies when it comes to convenience, versatility, and comfort for your baby. In fact, when stuffed and ready to use, most parents will swear that these nappies are just as easy to use as disposables! A “Sleeve” cloth diaper is basically a pocket nappy but with an opening at the front and back of the pocket. In the best situation this means the insert should agitate out during the wash cycle.

Sleeve Nappies are a two part diapering system.

Part 1: The nappy cover
Sleeve nappy covers are the Ferrari of diaper covers. They are made up of two layers; which makes them really quick to dry. The outer layer is a supple, breathable fabric (generally polyester or cotton) that is laminated for complete waterproofing. The inner layer is butter-soft microfleece or suedecloth which actually works to draw moisture away from baby’s sensitive skin. These nappies come with snap fastenings or with Velcro. All the functional parts inside the nappy are encased in the cozy inner layer so that only the softest of the soft touches your baby’s skin. Between the two layers is an opening, accessible through the front and back of the nappy (depending on style). This is the “sleeve” of the nappy. Which brings us to the insert..

Part 2: The insert
Inserts are what you put into the sleeve of the nappy to work as the absorbent core. The sleeve holds the insert in place so that absorbency is where absorbency is needed most. The best part is; what you use as an insert is completely adjustable to suit your baby’s needs and your budget! Custom made inserts can be found in bamboo, microfleece, cotton etc. each with its own benefits, but any absorbent material can be used as a sleeve nappy insert; you can even use an old towel!

For a full cloth nappy system using a Sleeve nappy you will need:

  • A 2-layer Sleeve nappy cover
  • Absorbent insert or ‘stuffing’

We love them because:

  • When baby wees, the moisture is wicked through the inner layer and absorbed into the insert. This keeps baby feeling dry and rash-free plus makes the nappy highly sanitary
  • This nappy offers convenience and quick drying
  • Sleeve diapers make great diaper bag diapers because while out you can skip un-stuffing the pocket before placing it in your wet bag
  • No need to touch soiled inserts as entire nappy can be thrown in wash and insert will agitate loose in the wash
  • Perfect un-stuffed as a swim nappy!

Watch out for:

  • For a Pocket Nappy – when baby is wet or soiled, the insert must be removed from the pocket of the nappy and put into one diaper pail, and the nappy cover should go into another pail. This is not necessary for an ‘easy-wash’/’sleeve’ nappy, which is designed to separate (cover from insert) in the wash
  • Inner layers of fleece are prone to build-up which can add a few easy steps to a typical wash routine once or twice a month


  • Bam+Boo Waterproof Outer – PUL (Laminated Polyester)
  • Fancypants Waterproof Outer  PUL (Laminated Polyester)
  • Bam+Boo Included Liners – Bamboo+Microfibre combination
  • Fancypants Included Liners  Microfibre
  • Bam+Boo Inner Layers – A suede cloth inner
  • Fancypants Inner Layers – A bamboo/cotton blend

Ideal for:

Sleeve diapers are perfect if you don’t mind the laundry side of cloth diapers (stuffing) but prefer not to touch the dirty inserts. They are usually trim, are economical, and come in a few brands and varieties to suit most consumers’ tastes

Bam+Boo Sleeve Nappy – One-size-fits-most (5kgs – 17kgs+)
Fancypants Orginal Nappy – One-size-fits-all (3.5kgs – 17kgs+)

Tip: If your inserts are not dry you can use any absorbent fabrics inside the pocket

About Bam+Boo Bamboo Nappy

The super absorbent Bamboo Cloth Nappy is also know as a Hybrid Cloth Nappy. which is a cross between a pocket and fitted cloth nappy. It is a bigger cut nappy suitable for night time use, bigger babies and toddlers. Each nappy comes with two bamboo inserts (soaker and booster). The two inserts snap into the (TPU) waterproof cover. The cover inner is Coolmax material which is anti bacterial and anti fungal.  This nappy boasts double leg gussets and a pocket for boosting at night time

Part 1: The nappy cover

TPU covers are very similar to PUL covers. What people seem to really like about TPU is the feel.  It is very soft and more fabric like when compared to PUL.  But TPU is also less durable that PUL.  TPU should not be washed on HOT and may not last as long as PUL.  But if you take good care of it and follow washing instructions there is no reason why TPU shouldn’t last a very long time. The two inserts snap into the (TPU) waterproof cover. The cover inner is Coolmax material which is anti bacterial and anti fungal.  This nappy boasts double leg gussets and a pocket for boosting at night time. These nappies come with Velcro fastenings and four rows of snaps on the front to adjust the size.

Part 2: The insert

This Bambo nappy comes standard with a bamboo insert and a bamboo booster. Both inserts can either be attached on top of the pocket using the snap fastenings or there is a pocket for extra boosting. Inserts are the absorbent core of a cloth nappy. The snap fastenings inside the Hybrid nappy keep the inserts in place, where they need to be. The pocket will do the same for any extra absorbent material used. Custom made inserts can be found in bamboo, microfleece, cotton etc. each with its own benefits, but any absorbent material can be used as a pocket nappy insert; you can even use an old towel!

For a full cloth nappy system using a Bamboo Hybrid Nappy you will need:

  • The 2-layer soft TPU Nappy cover
  • Absorbent insert or ‘stuffing’

We love them because:

  • Because the absorbent layers are separate and can be snapped in or inserted into the waterproof cover, this allows faster drying time and often for more customisable absorbency, since you can use none, all or part of the absorbent soakers
  • The nappy is soft and substantial and fills you with confidence
  • The 100% bamboo inserts are super absorbent and therefore great for night time and travelling
  • This nappy boasts double leg gussets and a pocket for boosting at night time
  • Four rows of rise snaps in the front allow for small, medium, large and extra large sizing

Watch out for:

  • The softer TPU cover should not be washed at very hot tempretures
  • When baby is wet or soiled, the insert must be removed from the pocket of this nappy and put into one diaper pail, and the nappy cover should go into another pail
  • While a waterproof cover is not required with pocket cloth nappies, they do require the purchase of the absorbent fabric to “stuff” the pockets with before use. Depending on brand, these inserts may come in a few different sizes; from new-born through to toddler. Many pocket cloth nappies now include insert options in their original purchasing pri


  • Waterproof Cover – TPU
  • Included Inserts – Bamboo (1 x soaker, 1 x booster)
  • Inner Layers – Coolmax (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal)

One-size-fits-most (5kgs – 17kgs+)

Cloth Nappies are good for baby and help mom feel good too. There is no downside to Cloth Nappies as it is more cost-effective, saves thousands of nappies from clogging up refuse sites and there is less chance of rashes or skin irritations as 1. only natural materials are against baby’s skin and 2 cloth nappies are far more breathable than disposables

P.S. If you want to extend the life of your cloth nappies make sure to only use chemical-free creams and laundry products. Chemicals reduce the absorption quality of cloth nappies and should be kept away from babies sensitive skin too.

Still not sure, well chat to one of our helpful staff to answer any other questions you may have.