For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
Psalm 139 vs 13

Three easy ways to Bond with your Baby Bump

Massage your Baby Bump

Massage your baby bump lightly with creams/ oil. Or even better make it a couples massage.

Talk to your Baby Bump

Talk, read and sing to your baby bump. Or if your voice gets tired then play it some music or wear a belly chime.

Be Still & Feel

Take a quiet bath or lie in the sun or just be in nature and focus on baby’s movements/ kicking.

Baby Bonding after Birth

Skin Contact

One of the first ways to bond with your newborn is skin to skin contact so whether its a massage, a hug or just some playful fun – hold baby close and never let go


Breastfeeding is a rewarding and intimate way to promote bonding.

Baby Wearing

Baby-wearing is yet another way to enjoy physical connection with your baby and is an outstanding way to also involve dad in attachment parenting. Whilst slings and wraps are more for moms, baby carriers like the African Baby Carrier are guaranteed to get dad and baby addicted to bonding adventures.

Soothing Smell

Other bonding ideas include – sleeping with your baby’s comforters and snuggle toys before they are born so that they smell like you when given to baby.

Or even better why not be the human comforter every now and again.

Bonding is one of the joys of parenting, that unique human connection between a parent and their child – unlike anything else on earth. So enjoy the unique bonding experience with your bump and newborn!