One of our ecobaby Company brand promises is that we test every product to ensure it lives up to the high quality standard we have set. We have decided to take you along on our testing journeys and let you see for yourself what we discover and learn.

We start with a product, that should be a must on every parents wishlist. The African Baby Carrier Deluxe. A product that is proudly South African and offers parents the simplest and most versatile baby carrying system around.


The ABC carriers come in Original and Deluxe, we took a Deluxe Canvas model out for a test. The deluxe model has a number of benefits over the Original model, our favourite being it can carry more weight (up to 20kg) and so has a longer life-span as baby grows into a kid. The Deluxe model also comes in a nifty carrier bag of its own, which when empty of the carrier, can be used to store nappies, refreshments or anything you want. And it neatly attaches on the back of the carrier – so need to carry it in your hands.


No need to worry about boot space, difficult terrain or having your hands full. Oh no, with the African Baby  Carrier (ABC) your child is right where they want to be – against mommy or daddy! And you get to show off your baby with pride.


What makes the African Baby Carrier a favourite of ours, is their focus on ensuring that your child’s weight is correctly distributed over the bottom belt, which results in their legs remaining in the sitting position rather than hanging straight down. This ensures correct spine-alignment.


Dads especially will love this product. Its guaranteed to ensure that you and your child enjoy more adventures and quality time – outdoors, shopping, strolling or hiking. There is nowhere this carrier cannot go!

ecoTEST: African Baby Carrier Deluxe

Testers: Jaco (the donkey), Nina (the jockey), Kite (security), Domino (security) & Juan (camera)

The Test: Taking the dogs for a sunday morning walk, with Nina – the terrible two’s in tow. This should be interesting!

Jaco, Nina and Kite head out for a Sunday morning walk. Their goal is to test the African Baby Carrier (ABC) Deluxe. Straight away Jaco is in love and comments on how well the ABC deluxe carrier handles Nina’s weight and how light she feels as a result. By the looks of it, Nina is enjoying it so much she is threatening to take a nap…

On closer inspection yes Nina is most definitely enjoying a cat nap and Jaco is moaning that he didn’t bring along the selfie-stick for that must have panoramic shot…

And we are off again, with Kite leading the way – likely targeting a tree. But we are not worried and instead appreciate that the ABC deluxe carrier has allowed us to take the dogs for a walk without needing to use our hands to push a pram. Additionally the carrier also frees us up to go from pavement to gravel and from tar to grass without even noticing the transition.

As Nina continues to sleep we are amazed that a child that makes the energizer bunny look lazy – literally took to this new contraption like a fish to water. We even faced barking dogs, stopped to whawha to some neighbours and meet new friends – without anything waking her. We were so surprised that we stopped again to take another photo just to prove it…

We arrive back at home and whilst our two Great Danes pull a David Copperfield and make a 5 litre bucket of water disappear.- Jaco is back in the kitchen finishing off a cheese cake for later. But think Nina is bothered?  Nope! She is still asleep on Jaco’s back and you might also notice another of our products that also hitched a ride. It is a Caramel & Floral, Lilly n Jack snuggle-bunny, which belongs to Nina. And as is our way at The ecoBaby Company we have found another use for it. We proudly introduce The Lily n Jack Pillow!

Or as I like to call it – “The Piggy Back Partner!”

Talking about ‘Piggy Back Partners’. Nina, who has never been in a baby carrier before, before she fell asleep did comment on how ‘cool it was that she can get a piggy back without having to hold on’ and enjoyed her elevated view.

How sweet is little Nina? Looking like such an angel! We might need to rename the carrier ‘The African Angel Carrier’. Who would believe that 40 mins earlier Nina was on the counter diligently performing her self-assigned role as ‘official taste-tester’ of all the cheesecake ingredients?